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PurpleState is a FREE curriculum designed for civics teachers to engage secondary students in understanding the role of media in state policy issues. Register for free to view the curriculum and its supporting materials.

What is PurpleState?

Students using the PurpleState curriculum will encounter an inquiry and problem-based simulation using authentic data and public policy issues at a state level. While focusing on understanding the state-level political and media ecosystem, students will develop their ability to be more media literate and thoughtfully engaged citizens. The PurpleState simulation will use the epistemic frame of a political media strategist to help students develop the epistemic aims of being informed citizens.

What Students Will Learn

From their experience as interns at PurpleState, students will engage in state-level policy issues using real data from sources such as the US Census, voting records, polling data, and local and regional journalism. They will also develop an understanding of the state-level political ecosystem and the role that media and media firms play in this system. Through researching and developing a media campaign on an issue, your students will become more reflective when encountering political information and news sources as well as develop academic skills in argumentative reading and writing. Their internship will help them develop the skills and knowledge to engage in issues they care about more strategically and with a greater awareness of current issues of polarization and misinformation.

Funding for PurpleState comes from the Spencer Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences.